character_top_image_01          Thank you for visiting the our homepage. We were making mobile games since year 2002 and until now. At the early several years we made mobile game using some famous characters mostly outsourced jobs. And after those few years we decided to make our own games. Most are launched in three domestic carriers in Korea such as SKTelecom, KT and LGTelecom. After year 2010 we launched apps for Google Play and iTunes. One of our title ‘SWAT and Zombies’ recorded +16M downloads and keep going on.

         After 18 years of developing mobile games we developed in-house development tools to create high-volume and large-scale games to make the game more stable and optimized. Continue to do so accumulated technology and experience made our game successfully.

manodio_logo_350x350_transparentManodio is Fun & Smile.
As you can see the logo is a smile face.
We are trying our best to make people entertain and smile with our hands.

Manodio = Mano + Studio


Soo Won Shin
Soo Won ShinCEO
I established a small venture company name GNATION when i was sophomore in university and that was year 2000. We developed small web based java games for many internet portals. That was my first work on the field of game development. It has been almost 15 years passed. After that Cho Chul Woo my former University colleague and co-founder of Manodio Co., Ltd. we worked as an instructor at the Instituted of Mobile Contents(KMobile) for one year. After one year of teaching we both founded Manodio Co., LTD. in 07.12.2002. I am enjoying making games and solutions. Always loved making something and i think i will keep doing it as long as i can.

Areas of expertise
: Java  / JSP / C# / Android / Network Server / In-house development tools

  • Platform
    • Appsmoa Plus : Mobile Contents Hub
    • WorKiss : Manage and analysis participants work schedule for small corp & team
    • QuizME : Multi Purpose Quiz Platform
  • Tool
    • ManoMobileBuilder : Total mobile game builder
    • ManoMotionDesigner : Mobile game animation designer
  • Game
    • Zombie Killer (Android native)
    • Cubeland Monster (Unity3D)
    • PetitWing (Android native)
    • Diamond Ninja (Android native)
    • Porting to android : SWAT & Zombies, Ninja and Zombies, SWAT and Zombies Runner, Kingdom Tactics, Glory of Sparta, Tiny Car Rush, Heli-Kiwi Bird, etc.
    • etc.
Chul Woo Cho
Chul Woo ChoCEO
As a co-founder of Manodio Co., Ltd since 07.12.2002 I have been working many projects. More then 30 mobile games and character designs. As a hobby i enjoyed drawing cartoons in youth and this skills helped me making games. I get most of game concept ideas in my life and dreams ‘Legend of Angelos’ was one of it. I also enjoy making games and will keep doing it as long as i can.

Areas of expertise
: Games with Cocos2d-X / Character Design & Graphic / Game Planning / Varieties of game tools
Projects :

  • SWAT vs Zombies Season 2 (2018)
  • Blue Ocean Tycoon
  • SWAT and Zombies Runner
  • SWAT vs Zombies (2012)
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms armed ago
  • Tears of Metal,
  • Legend of Angelos (L.O.A.)
  • Elfheim
  • Glory of Sparta
  • Cowboy vs. Zombies
  • Santa vs. Zombies
  • Glory of Ninja
  • Kingdom Tactics
  • Tiny Car Rush
  • Heli Kiwi Bird
  • +20 more GVM, WIPI, Brew platform mobile games.
  • Etc.

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