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          Thank you for visiting the our homepage. We were making mobile games since year 2002 and until now. At the early several years we made mobile game using some famous characters mostly outsourced jobs. And after those few years we decided to make our own games. Most are launched in three domestic carriers in Korea such as SKTelecom, KT and LGTelecom. After year 2010 we launched apps for Google Play and iTunes. One of our title ‘SWAT and Zombies’ recorded +7M downloads and keep going on.

         After 13 years of developing mobile games we developed in-house development tools to create high-volume and large-scale games to make the game more stable and optimized. Continue to do so accumulated technology and experience made our game successfully.

manodio_logo_350x350_transparentManodio is Fun & Smile.
As you can see the logo is a smile face.
We are trying our best to make people entertain and smile with our hands.

Manodio = Mano + Studio

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